45% Off on a Supper Gainer Stack Combo!


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45% Off on a Supper Gainer Stack Combo!

عرض ليوم واحد فقط خصم 45% على باكج المكملات الغذائية !

About the Offer

Get 45% Off on the Supper Gainer Stack Combo for just 25 BD at Royal Majesty!\r\n\r\nCombo includes: DYMATIZE SUPERMASS GAINER 12 LBS (SUGAR COOKIES FLAVOUR) + Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA\r\n\r\nOriginal price is 46 BD and with Flashh its just 25 BD!\r\n\r\nOnly Valid for the Galali Branch: 17470498\r\n\r\nONE DAY OFFER!\r\n\r\n

عرض ليوم واحد !!\r\nخصم 45% على باكج المكملات الغذائية\r\nيحتوي هذا الباكج على :\r\nDYMATIZE SUPERMASS GAINER 12 LBS (SUGAR COOKIES FLAVOUR) + Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA\r\nالسعر الأصلي: \r\n46 دينار\r\nالسعر بعد الخصم:\r\n25 دينار\r\nيسري هذا العرض على فرع قلالي فقط \r\n17470498\r\n

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About Royal Majesty

Established in 1998, Royal Majesty is a leading supplier of sports and nutrition products in the Kingdom of Bahrain and throughout the Middle East. Based in Bahrain, and with a growing and prestigious client base across the GCC and beyond; Royal Majesty helps countless people achieve their health and fitness goals. We offer a wide range of high quality dietary and weight loss supplements that are safe and proven to get results! Our products include protein powders, multi-vitamins, muscle gainers and fat burners. In addition to supplements that supercharge your health regime, Royal Majesty offers a range of superior gym accessories and the latest sportswear. Royal Majesty is your one stop shop towards a healthier and more active life! At Royal Majesty we understand that every person’s needs and goals are unique. Our dedicated team of professionals tailor a supplement program designed to meet your individual health which lifestyle needs and help you achieve your goals.

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