Breakfast for just 1 BD!


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Breakfast for just 1 BD!

فطوركم اليوم بدينار فقط !

About the Offer

Creamy eggs on English muffins accompanied with grilled tomato and hash browns at Crust and Crema - Galleria Mall.\r\n\r\nValid for Dine in only. \r\n\r\n

البيض الكريمي المقدم على المفن الإنجليزي إلى جانب أقراص البطاطس الهشة والطماطم المشوية \r\nبدينار واحد فقط !\r\nمن كرست أند كريما - جاليريا مول

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About Crust & Crema

CRUST & CREMA\n\n“A true coffee experience”\n\nCrust & Crema is a roastery café serving specialty grade coffees from around the world.\nWe offer espresso beverages to hand pour-overs. Single origin and in-house blends, that are of 100% Arabica beans are meticulously and freshly micro-roasted from purchasing, roasting, to your cup.\nCoffee lovers can enjoy a true coffee experience in a unique and relaxing atmosphere with breakfast, desserts, and food.\n

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