Beef Rice Bowl with Drink For 1.5 BD!


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Beef Rice Bowl with Drink For 1.5 BD!

وجبة الأرز مع اللحم والمشروب الغازي بـ 1.5 دينار

About the Offer

Get a beef rice bowl with soft drink for 1.5 BD only at Blu Burger Grille!\r\nValid Only for Dine In Customers.

الأرز مع اللحم بالإضافة للمشروب الغازي بـ 1.5 دينار \r\nللطلبات الداخلية فقط

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About Blu Burger

American. Delicious burgers of all kinds. Come and enjoy special made burgers by our chefs for you.

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