Get 20% Discount on Five Cooking Classes


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Get 20% Discount on Five Cooking Classes

خصم 20% على حصص الطبخ

About the Offer

Before discount it was 5 BD per class, Now only at 20 BD for 5 classes! 4 classes will be cooking lessons and the 5th class will be free giveaways and a pizza party where your child will decorate a pizza(all ingredients are included.)\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

قبل الخصم :\r\nحصة الطبخ الواحدة\r\n5 دينار \r\nبعد الخصم :\r\n5 حصص طبخ \r\n20 دينار\r\n\r\nاربع حصص طهي بالإضافة الى تزيين البيتزا وهدية مجانية في الحصة الخامسة

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