10% Discount on Tailored Dresses!


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10% Discount on Tailored Dresses!

خصم 10% على تفصيل الفساتين

About the Offer

Get 10% discount on tailored dresses only at Zaya Collection!\r\n\r\nOpening hours: (10 am - 1 pm) & (4 pm - 10 pm).\r\nFor inquiries kindly call: +97339122414\r\n\r\n

احصلي على خصم 10% على فساتين المناسبات \r\nساعات العمل \r\n10 صباحا - 1 ظهرا \r\n4 عصرا - 10 مساءا \r\nيرجى الإتصال على :\r\n39122414\r\n\r\n

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Zaya Collection

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