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Get 50% Off On Selected Japanese Maki!

أحصل على خصم 50% على انواع مختارة من الماكي.

About the Offer

Exclusive Flashh Deal:\r\n\r\n50% Discount On Selected Japanese Maki\r\n\r\nCalifornia Roll - 1.750 BD!\r\nKampai Roll - 1.750 BD!\r\n\r\nTerms & Conditions Apply\r\n\r\nValid Only In Seef Mall Muharraq Branch

عرض حصري لفلاشش ديل.\r\n\r\nأحصل على خصم 50% على أنواع مختارة الماكي .\r\n\r\nكاليفورنيا رول بـ 1.750 دينار.\r\nكيبيمباب رول بـ 1.750 دينار.\r\n\r\nيسري العرض في مجمع السيف - المحرق.

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About Bonchon

Bonchon’s amazing experiences make for unforgettable moments. Every handcrafted piece of Bonchon chicken starts with your experience. Each bite makes you want to shout from the rooftops and tell theworld about the amazing sights, smells, sounds and tastes you are experiencing. Your sticky fingers race across your phone to take a photo and share it with the world, and then your Bonchon experience begins again as you bring in your best friends and your most trusted family to try a taste sensation like no other.\r\nBECAUSE IT’S NOT JUST FRIED CHICKEN, IT’S BONCHON!

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