Put the Freshness Back with 25% Off on Your Dry Cleaning


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Put the Freshness Back with 25% Off on Your Dry Cleaning

خصم 25%

About the Offer

Is Your laundry getting a bit much? Need to clean the Carpets? Curtains? Bedding? \r\nLook no further! We Clean Everything!\r\n\r\nOffer valid for your first order only.\r\nNo minimum order.\r\nAlways free pick-up & delivery.\r\n

- العرض ساري على أول طلب لك فقط\r\n- اخذ الملابس و ارجاعها بالمجان \r\n- لايشترط وجود حد أدنى للقطع \r\n

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About MyDoor Dry Cleaning

\t\nConvenient & time saving. No more trudging to the dry cleaners after a long day at the office. Our service makes it easy for you to look your best without the stress!\n\nNo Contracts\nNo Minimum Orders\nWe Clean Everything!\nGUARANTEED pick-up & delivery twice a week on route service. Or, on-call only when you need it!\n\nAlways FREE Pick-up & Delivery!

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