Meal For 2 For Only 1.6 BD !


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Meal For 2 For Only 1.6 BD !

وجبة لشخصين بـ 1.6 دينار !

About the Offer

Exclusive Flashh Deal:\r\n\r\nMeal For 2 For Only 1.6 BD !\r\nIncludes: (Main Course - Nekhaj Salad - Loqaymat - 2 Karak Tea\'s)\r\n\r\nTerms & Conditions Apply\r\n\r\nValid Only In Budaiya & Hamala Branch

طبق رئيسي\r\nسلطة النخج\r\nلقيمات\r\n2 كوب كرك \r\n\r\nيسري هذا العرض في فرع البديع والهملة

The location

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About Emma Wash Traditional Restaurant

We are 2 childhood friends, it was our dream to establish a business together and to make the people part of it, we grew and our dream grew with us until we decided to make it real, we looked for what people need and what the local market lacking, we found that the traditional dishes are very desirable and lovable and noticed that no restaurants offering traditional Bahraini dishes in high quality, medium prices and friendly atmosphere, and that\'s where Emmawash idea plinked. We started to work on opening Emmawash restaurant, choosing The location, staff and menu and try the varieties of the traditional food using our mothers experience and learning the secrets of the recpies.

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