Service Any Electronic Item for Only 1 BD!


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Service Any Electronic Item for Only 1 BD!

صلح جهازك بـ دينار فقط !

About the Offer

Exclusive Flashh Offer:\r\n\r\nService Any of the following items ( LCD , LED, Microwave oven , Vacuum Cleaner , Receiver , Telephone, DVR and many more Electronic devices) For Only 1 BD!!\r\n\r\nTerms & Conditions Apply\r\n\r\n Any Spare Part Replacement Will Be Charged

صلح جهازك بـ دينار فقط !\r\n( مايكرويف - مكنسة كهربائية - هاتف منزل - LCD - DRV - LED و غيرهم )\r\nيحتسب مبلغ اضافي لقطع الغيار

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About Al Basit Electronics Centre

Electronics Service Centre with a variety of electronics under one roof.

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