Any Burger Plus Fries and Drink For Only 1.5 BD!


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Any Burger Plus Fries and Drink For Only 1.5 BD!

أي وجبة من تيرمنال برجر بـ 1.5 دينار فقط ! كل الفروع

About the Offer

Exclusive Flashh Deal:\r\n\r\nGet Any Burger Plus Fries and Drink For Only 1.5 BD!\r\n\r\nOffer Valid in all branches.\r\n\r\n\r\nValid For Dine In or Take Away

حصري لـ فلاشش ديل.\r\n\r\nأي وجبة من تيرمنال برجر بـ 1.5 دينار فقط \r\n\r\nاختيارك من البرجر مع بطاطس الدرجة الإقتصادية و مشروب غازي صغير \r\n\r\n\r\nللطلبات الداخلية والتيك أوي في كل فروع تيرمنال برقر

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About Terminal Burger

Terminal Transit Burger Ltd, is in the fast food service industry since 2009. It was formed with a concept to offer a unique continental meals at moderate rate yet maintaining the high standards of food quality strictly adhering to HACCP.\r\n\r\nThe company has developed unique food service model that smoothly and efficiently caters a wide section of society, focusing on quick and healthy nourishment and enjoy quick bites in the realm of presently upcoming lifestyle, in contrary to conventional dining. It has become a popular joint, alternative to dining all the age groups all over the Bahrain, spreading the business centric areas, nearby residential areas to malls, leisure and refreshments areas.\r\n\r\nFollowing the passion and innovative entrepreneurship nature of Mr. Mohammed Al Kaabi, he conducted an in depth research understanding the basic craze for burger by travelling all over the world with an idea to evolve a new concept and taste of burger that can be offered first to people of Bahrain and perhaps later spreading all over the world. Outcome of this research led him to open a specialty outlet for burger offering variety of taste of burger available in various countries like Mexico, Beirut, Milan, New York etc.\r\n\r\nAs this outlet offers multiple taste of burger form various countries, it got named as “TERMINAL TRANSIT BURGER”, representing the burger outlets available at each terminal concourse while travelling to various countries.

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