Emporio Armani Women's Dress! Save 308 BD!


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Emporio Armani Women's Dress! Save 308 BD!

قطع أصلية بأسعار خيالية !

About the Offer

Ladies get your fashionable dress today from Emporio Armani located in Moda Mall! \r\n\r\nPrice was 440 BD now only 132 BD!\r\n\r\nValid while stocks last!! \r\n\r\nFor enquiries please call: +973 1713 1024

قبل الخصم 440 دينار \r\nبعد الخصم 132 دينار \r\nحتى نفاذ الكمية \r\nيرجى الإتصال على:\r\n17131024

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About Emporio Armani

Fashion retailer selling high-end apparel & accessories from the namesake designer.

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