Rice or Noodles and Main Dish For 1.5 BD!


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Rice or Noodles and Main Dish For 1.5 BD!

طبق رئيسي مع أرز أو نودلز بـ 1.5 دينار

About the Offer

Get a fried rice or noodles and a main dish(chicken or fish item) for 1.5 BD only at Ching Restaurant.\r\n\r\nValid for Dine In, Pick Up! \r\n\r\nFor Delivery an extra charge of 500 Fils will be included! Kindly call: 77737772 or 77777123 and mention you are calling to use the "Flashh Deal"

رز مقلي أو نودلز مع طبق رئيسي ( دجاج أو سمك ) بـ 1.5 دينار \r\nللطلبات الداخلية والبيك أب\r\nلطلبات التوصيل يرجى الإتصال على 77737772 / 77777123 \r\nللحصول هعلى العرض يجب عليك ذكر كلمة السر ( فلاشش )\r\nيحتسب مبلغ 500 فلس لطلبات التوصيل \r\n

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About Ching

Our approach at CHING is towards providing its diners\' authentic and highest quality traditional Chinese cuisine. You will find excellence and attention to detail in our restaurant and we take pride of ourselves to the procurement of raw materials and individual approach. Our Chefs bring the best well-known dishes of Chinese cuisine with their culinary art creation to your table, and our professional service stands behind the quality. This combination of chefs, cultures and styles results in a unique style of cooking that subtly combines Chinese ingredients with the best spices to produce a sensational dining experience.

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