5 Week Gym Membership for Only 40 BD!


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5 Week Gym Membership for Only 40 BD!

سجل لمدة 5 أسابيع بـ 40 دينار فقط !

About the Offer

Get a FREE week added to your one month membership only with Oxygen Gym! \r\n\r\nOnly Valid on New Customers! \r\nNot Valid on renewal or current members!\r\n\r\nEnter the gym, show the Flashh Deal and redeem it! Then register and pay for the 1 month and receive an extra week for free!\r\n\r\nTotal of 5 weeks for just 40BD!\r\n\r\nOpening Hours:\r\nSat-Thu: 6am to 10pm\r\nFri: 8am to 4pm

أبرز التطبيق عند وصولك للنادي واستمتع بإسبوع إضافي عند تسجيلك في عضوية لمدة شهر !\r\nبسعر 40 دينار \r\n\r\nيسري هذا العرض على الأعضاء الجدد\r\nلايشمل تجديد العضوية والأعضاء الحاليين \r\n\r\nأوقات العمل:\r\nالسبت - الخميس \r\n6 صباحا - 10 مساءا \r\nالجمعة\r\n8 صباحا - 4 مساءا

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About Oxygen Gym

Oxygen Gym is dedicated to helping you get healthy, breathe better, decrease stress, increase body strength and achieve your overall fitness goals. Over\r\n1000 square meters in size, Oxygen Gym is one of the largest co-ed fitness centers in Bahrain, and is equipped with the most hi-tech weight training machines and cardio fitness equipment.

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