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Buy One Get One On Deserts!

اشتر واحد واحصل على الثاني مجانا من قائمة الحلويات !

About the Offer

Exclusive Flashh Deal:\r\n\r\nBuy One Get One On Deserts! (To The Same Value Or Less)\r\n\r\nValid Only In Amwaj\r\n\r\nTerms & Conditions Apply

اشتر واحد واحصل على الثاني مجانا من قائمة الحلويات !\r\nعلى أن تكون القطعة / الطبق المجاني مساوي أو أقل في القيمة

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About Tea Club

careers\tin the financial\tservices industry.\r\n\r\nMrs.\tMattar is Tea Club\tManaging Partner, Finance,\tOperation and Head\tof development of the\tbrand,\t\r\n\r\nNaima has\tworked\tthroughout\ther\tcareer primarily\tin the\tMiddle East with globally respected financial\tinstitutions such as\tAlliancebernstein, Banque\tCredit Agricole Indosuez, Chase\tManhattan\tBank, and Gulf\tInternational Bank,\tpredominantly in senior\tcapacities. Naima was\teducated at Kuwait\tUniversity where\tshe\treceived her B.A.\tin Accounting.\t\r\n\r\nFayadh\tis Tea Club\tManaging Partner, Executive Chef and team\tDesigner of the brand,

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