2 Large Pizza's For Only 5 BD at Riffa Branch!


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2 Large Pizza's For Only 5 BD at Riffa Branch!

أشتر 2 بيتزا كبيرة بـ 5 دينار فقط من فرع الرفاع فقط !

About the Offer

Exclusive Flashh Deal.\r\n\r\nGet Your Choice Of any 2 Large Pizza For Only 5 BD!\r\n\r\nOffer only valid at Riffa Branch.\r\n\r\n

حصري لـ فلاشش ديل.\r\n\r\nأشتري أي 2 بيتزا كبيرة من أختيارك بـ 5 دينار فقط !\r\nيسري هذا العرض في فرع الرفاع فقط

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About Urban Slice Pizza

Urban Slice serves authentic New York Pizza to it’s customers; serving the best pizza pies and slices which are made using fresh ingredients and signature home-made sauces guaranteed to satisfy your palate.

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