Gym Membership Starting at 10 BD!


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Gym Membership Starting at 10 BD!

اشتراك لمدة شهر بـ 10 دينار !

About the Offer

Get fit for summer with these options only at Dynamics gym & nutritions!\r\n\r\nMemberships to choose from: \r\n1 month - 10 BD /\r\n2 months - 17 BD /\r\n3 months - 27 BD / \r\n4 months - 32 BD /\r\n6 months - 55 BD / \r\n\r\nOpening hours: Saturday to Thursday (5 am to 11 pm) / Friday (3 pm to 7 pm)\r\n\r\nFor more information call: +973 3965 4448\r\n

عروض حصرية على الإشتراكات :\r\nشهر وحد = 10 دينار \r\nشهرين = 17 دينار\r\n3 شهور = 27 دينار\r\n4 شهور = 32 دينار\r\n6 شهور = 55 دينار \r\nمواعيد العمل :\r\nالسبت - الخميس \r\n5 صباحا - 11 مساءا \r\nالجمعة \r\n3 مساءا - 7 مساءا \r\nلمزيد من المعلومات:\r\n39654448

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Dynamics Gym & Nutritions

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