Enjoy any hot or cold coffee for only 100 fils!


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Enjoy any hot or cold coffee for only 100 fils!

هل أنت من عشاق القهوة ؟ احصل على كوب من القهوة الساخنة أو الباردة بـ 100 فلس فقط !

About the Offer

Enjoy any hot or cold coffee from our Galleria Branch, for only 100 Fils! \r\n\r\nOffer Valid for first 100 customers only.\r\n\r\nOffer Valid for espresso machine based coffees (house blends), and excludes Hand Brews.\r\n\r\nOffer Valid while time lasts, so hurry.

كوب من القهوة الباردة أو الساخنة بـ 100 فلس فقط !\r\nيسري هذا العرض:\r\n- لأول 100 شخص أو حتى إنتهاء الوقت المحدد له \r\n- في فرع جاليريا فقط \r\n\r\n

The location


CRUST & CREMA\n\n“A true coffee experience”\n\nCrust & Crema is a roastery café serving specialty grade coffees from around the world.\nWe offer espresso beverages to hand pour-overs. Single origin and in-house blends, that are of 100% Arabica beans are meticulously and freshly micro-roasted from purchasing, roasting, to your cup.\nCoffee lovers can enjoy a true coffee experience in a unique and relaxing atmosphere with breakfast, desserts, and food.\n

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