Any Two Large Pizzas for BD 6.9 Only!


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Any Two Large Pizzas for BD 6.9 Only!

عرض البيتزا الرائع !

About the Offer

Choose from any 2 Large Pizzas of Your Choice for BD 6.9 Only.\r\nOffer is valid Sunday - Thursday\r\nValid on Dine in, Delivery and Takeaway.

احصل على 2 بيتزا دجاج حجم كبير بسعر 6.9 دينار \r\nيسري هذا العرض من الأحد إلى الأريعاء \r\nيسري هذا العرض مع طلبات التوصيل أيضا

The location


Urban Slice serves authentic New York Pizza to it’s customers; serving the best pizza pies and slices which are made using fresh ingredients and signature home-made sauces guaranteed to satisfy your palate.

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